Non Abstracts

Although I mainly paint abstracts one of my first loves was drawing buildings and sometimes the urge to go back to accurate drawing or painting takes over. This gallery shows a variety of figurative artworks that I have produced. Festival is a highly abstracted view of a music festival in full swing.

Festival  66cm x 66cm  SOLD TO A COLLECTOR IN THE UK
Headline Act 61 x 61 x 4 cm SOLD TO A COLLECTOR IN THE UK
London – Last Light  77cm x 122cm  £3200  FOR SALE
Beach and Boats  66cm x 66cm  £1500  FOR SALE
Beach at Downderry, Cornwall  77cm x 102cm  £1600  FOR SALE
Bridge in Burano, Venice  66cm x 66cm  £800  FOR SALE
Canal in Burano, Venice  45cm x 60cm  £550  FOR SALE
Dancing on the Beach at Sunset  66cm x 66cm  NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Green Lake, Austria  61cm x 61cm  £1200  FOR SALE
Isola Superiore dei Pescatori, Lake Maggiore (on paper -size is without frame)  34cm x 27cm  £400  FOR SALE
Thaw  91cm x 71cm  £1800  FOR SALE
Truro Cathedral, Cornwall  40cm x 30cm  £250  FOR SALE
Venice at Night 1  25cm x 20cm  £300  FOR SALE
Venice at Night 2  30cm x 30cm  £300  FOR SALE
Still Life: Squash, Shallot and Elephant G+A219arlic  35cm x 46cm  £300  FOR SALE

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