This gallery is a series of abstracts inspired by modern metropolises and cityscapes. Often the paint was applied with a palette knife, rather than a brush. The resulting abstracts are dramatic and colourful and have sold well internationally.

Recently I have added an abstracted view of Ukrainian apartment blocks damaged by Russian missiles and artillery. If you buy this I will give 75% of the sale value to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) for humanitarian work in Ukraine.

Megadrile  80cm x 120cm  £1300  FOR SALE
Metamorphosis  60cm x 60cm  £450  FOR SALE
Metropolis 2  76cm x 50cm  SOLD TO A COLLECTOR IN THE UK

Metropolis 7  80cm x 120cm  SOLD – ITALY
Metropolis 8  60cm x 60cm  £850  FOR SALE
Metropolis 9  80cm x 120cm  SOLD – USA
Metropolis 10  66cm x 66cm  £1100  FOR SALE
Metropolis 11  30cm x 40cm  SOLD – UK
Metropolis 12  61cm x 45cm  SOLD TO A COLLECTOR IN NEW YORK

Metropolis 13 – dusk   82cm x 123cm  £1600  FOR SALE
Metropolis 14  76cm x 122cm  £1600  FOR SALE
Metropolis 15  51cm x 51cm  £700  FOR SALE
Metropolis Skyline  60cm x 60cm  £1400  FOR SALE
Ukraine 2022 51 x 51 cm. FOR SALE £800

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