Vertical lines and shapes are an important part of my mark-making on canvas. The lines are made with brushes, palette knives, wide bore syringes, or directly from a tube of paint. Sometimes a wet layer of paint is applied on top of an abstract and then a silicon-tipped brush is used to remove areas of wet paint to reveal parts of the abstract below.

Red Abstract With Stripes  66cm x 66cm  SOLD -USA
Abstract in Green with Vertical Lines  59cm x 49cm  £350  FOR SALE
Don’t Be Scared, I Love You  60cm x 100cm  SOLD -GERMANY
Don’t Be Scared, I Am With You  66cm x 66cm  SOLD – USA
I Don’t Know how to Keep Loving You  60cm x 60cm  £900  FOR SALE
In the Still of the Night  66cm x 128cm  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Indigo Dawn  102cm x 102cm  £1600  FOR SALE
Promise of a Long Hot Summer  102cm x 102cm  SOLD – UK
Find Your Path  30cm x 30cm  SOLD – UK
Posidonia  66cm x 66cm  SOLD

Zostera  30cm x 30cm  £400  FOR SALE
Filamentous Green  30cm x 30cm  £400  FOR SALE
Better Days Are Coming  102cm x 102cm  SOLD – USA
High Summer  66cm x 66cm  SOLD TO A COLLECTOR IN THE UK
Reedbed Sunset  66cm x 66cm  £950  FOR SALE
Fallback  30cm x 30cm  £350  FOR SALE
Inversion  30cm x 30cm  SOLD – UK
Abstract in Orange, Green and Grey  60cm x 60cm  £600  FOR SALE
Abstract in Purple, Grey and Green  61cm x 122cm  £1200  FOR SALE
Jumping Jack Flash  60cm x 60cm  £600  FOR SALE
Rainy Day in London  30cm x 24cm  £500  FOR SALE

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