Australia 8

‘Australia 8’ shows a sunset  in a hot landscape, maybe Australia. It is a modern and dynamic piece that would suit a variety of settings, from an older home to a modern apartment. ‘Australia 8’ is the latest in my series of paintings on an Australian theme that have sold really well. It is a dramatic semi-abstract where the dominant colours are orange and brown. The sun was added in gold acrylic paint and is quite textured. The marks were made with a combination of brush strokes and palette knives. Perhaps all the colours area natural, or maybe they are as a result of a forest or grassland fire. In either case it is a warm, glowing painting that will brighten up any room, especially in the colder months.

Due to its size it would be best suited to a medium-sized wall. ‘Australia 8’ was painted with acrylic paint onto canvas that was stretched over an internal wooden frame. It is ready to hang.

Entire painting
A detail of the painting
Painting in situ

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