Amicizia (Friendship)

This large dramatic abstract is very colourful and would make a great talking point in any room. The title of this painting is ‘Amicizia’, Italian for ‘Friendship’. I have been learning Italian since the start of the covid epidemic, ready for a planned painting trip to northern Italy.  Friends and family have got me through the strange times that we have all endured since early 2020. This painting is dedicated to all of them.

Most of the paint was added with brushes, but some palette knife work is in there too, along with dribbling paint and adding black paint using quick flicks to produce long trails. The abstract was built up by including the whole rainbow of colours. One of the really good things that has happened in many countries recently is the increased inclusivity of everyone, no matter what their race, beliefs, abilities or preferences are. If you look closely you will see that some of the smaller shapes are like tracks through the painting. It is painted on plywood and is not ready to hang.  

‘Amicizia’ has sold but you can commission a similar artwork at a size that you choose.

Entire painting
A detail of the painting
Painting in situ

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