The Ice Age is Going

I have had a long career as an estuarine and marine biologist. I am very concerned about the future of the planet, especially habitat loss and pollution. This artwork started as a pure abstract, mainly using white, black and grey paint but also a very cool blue grey. A wide variety of mark-making methods were used, including brushwork, direct application with a palette knife and application of slightly diluted paint so that it ran under gravity taking other paint with it. A new technique was to put white paint into a scientific sieve used for particle size analysis and forcing the canvas up to the underside of the sieve to remove the paint. The final result reminded me of ice-melting (the top part) and scientific graphs (lower part), hence the title.

The Ice Age is Going has sold to a collector in the USA, but if you want you can commission a broadly similar artwork at any size.

Entire painting
A detail of the painting
Painting in situ

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